Pantry, command-line nutrient analysis

Pantry is a command-line nutrient analysis program for Unix-like systems, such as Linux, the BSDs, and Mac OS X. All interactions with Pantry are entirely from your shell prompt. This makes the program fast and easy to use. Furthermore, the command-line interface makes Pantry very customizable--the power of the Unix shell is at your disposal.

Since this is a command-line program, screenshots are not very interesting, but one appears here. The best place to look for plenty of examples of how Pantry works is the user guide.

Pantry is free software. Here is the license.

Download the current version

The current release of Pantry is version 32. It was released on Saturday, March 14, 2009. Download it here!

Here is the change log.

The version numbering scheme simply uses consecutive integers, like the numbering scheme for less.

Note added September 14, 2009 I've written a new version of Pantry, which is Pantry 35. I use it and it works well, but I have yet to write a manual. Details.


The Pantry user guide tells you how to install Pantry, walks you though getting started in a step-by-step manner, and has plenty of usage examples.

Getting help and reporting bugs

For help or to report bugs, send email to

Learning about new releases

I always post new releases to this webpage, which is the official home of Pantry. I also post new releases to the Pantry freshmeat listing. Freshmeat has services that will notify you when there is a new Pantry release.


Pantry is written in C++ and the source code is tracked with git. To clone the repository, run:

git clone